Help and FAQ

How to replace text in multiple files?

FastGREP Replace

FastGREP Restore

  1. Step 1-6 in "How to search ..."
  2. Input replacement
  3. Preview the replacing (optional)
  4. Enable backup or not
  5. Click Replace
  6. Here are the replace result (highlighted)
  7. In history (undo able)
  8. Restore the replacing if you click Undo

How to restore files after replace?

  1. Click Undo, Step 7 in "How to replace ..."
  2. Restore successfully, Step 8 in "How to replace ..."

How to exclude some large files?

FastGREP MaxSize

  1. Click Excluded file extensions text box
  2. The details pane will be opened
  3. Change the MaxSize (default 10 MB)
  4. You could add/remove excluded file extensions also
  5. Click Ok

How to learn regular expressions?

  1. Click ^ button, a regex help dialog will be opened, click it to fill in pattern
  2. Click ? button, and click Help

End of Help - FastGREP Search and Replace tool